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 Law firm SPECTO

Contact Information

119296, Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 63/2
Office #2861 - #2863
Tel: +7 (499) 137-12-55

Hours of Operation

Monday — Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.
Close on Saturdays and Sundays.
Our regular customers can reach us even on the weekends!

Legal Aid Services

Today’s business often operates within difficult conditions of fierce competition and complex, imperfect legislation, which inevitably leads to numerous challenges.

SPECTO can provide prompt, expert legal support at any stage of the process and in any situation, from the simplest to the most complex, whether it be routine contractual work, participation in negotiations, litigation, liaison with government agencies, etc.

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Last Modified: May 19, 2017

Cost of Legal Services

One-Time Consultation Fee
from 5,000 rubles

This is a great option if you have a one-time need for legal advice, or require a representative in dealings with the state authorities, necessitating legal consultation across a broad spectrum of legal areas.

Monthly Retainer Fee
from 30,000 rubles

This is a unique opportunity to engage the full power of SPECTO’s administrative resources at any time across a broad range of legal areas.

Areas of Expertise

Our qualified professionals can provide expert assistance in resolving legal matters across all areas of Russian law. We pride ourselves on being able to promptly provide professional legal services to any client regardless of the circumstances.

Financial Activity

Legal matters concerning financial and economic activity (civil, corporate, business law, tax and employment law, advice on copyright legislation and related rights), including:

  • Legal advice, litigation and arbitration.
  • Development of optimal options for civil contracts, contractual and legal arrangements, sample contracts.
  • Analysis and examination of previously established contracts for contractual risks, compliance, development of recommendations.
  • Legal advice and legal analysis of conflicts and disputes.
  • Advice regarding methods of business process optimization.

Intellectual Property

  • Consultations on Copyright and Related Rights Law, as well as other issues regulated by Part 4 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation.
  • Legal representation in RosPatent.

Legal Support of Business

  • Legal analysis of company operations.
  • Analysis and examination of previously established contracts for contractual risks, compliance, development of recommendations.
  • Management of legal cases in arbitration courts as well as courts of general jurisdiction, courts of arbitration.
  • Registration:
    • Legal advice on registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
    • Registration of share issues in the FSFR of Russian Federation.
    • Registration of Trademarks.
  • Registration of property and lease agreements.
  • Consultation on Legal Affairs of the foreign companies and foreign missions in Russia.
  • Preparation of thematic review of legislation at the request of customers, based on the specifics of their work.
  • Copyright protection, the protection of trademark rights.

Representation in Courts

  • Pre-judicial settlement of disputes.
  • Management of legal cases in arbitration courts as well as courts of general jurisdiction, courts of arbitration.
  • Management of criminal cases concerning tax and economic crimes.
  • Support, enforcement and representation with respect to the system of court bailiffs.

Labor Relations

  • Advice on employment law.
  • Advice on selection of optimal solutions to labor disputes.
  • Development of documents formalizing the internal labor relations within the company (employment contracts, staff regulations, provisions on trade secrets, instructions, orders, etc.).


  • Consulting & development tax optimization schemes.
  • Legal support and liaison with tax authorities.
  • Legal protection of taxpayers during tax audits.
  • Legal appeal of acts of the tax authorities; tax disputes.
  • Legal examination of audits of tax authorities.
  • Development of effective taxation treaties.

Real Estate and Related

  • Legal support and assistance in the design of real estate transactions (privatization, sale, rental, free use, easements, mortgages).
  • Resolution of real estate related disputes.
  • Legal representation in Moscow Property Department and RFFI.
  • Due diligence and legality of real estate acquisition transactions.
  • Legal advice on property management.
  • Legal representation in Russia of non-residents looking to purchase real estate; furtherance of transactions involving property purchase and sale.
  • Registration of real estate transactions, including those involving apartments.

Economic Security of your Business

Every business enterprise needs to be guarded against adverse external influences and radical internal changes – indeed, the need for enterprise security is one of the most important, fundamental needs of any business.

Regardless of their nature and scope, business organizations frequently encounter challenges in this area.  It is important to safeguard yourself and your business from potentially detrimental activities of internal or external actors, such as corrupt government agency officials or unscrupulous competitors.

We use a customized approach to find an effective solution to your organization’s particular challenges, grounding our advice and solutions in years of legal experience, proven methods, and innovative technologies.

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